Site overview

So what’s this site for?

This site is meant to serve as a media outlet for those who enjoy mimicking the style of the Touhou Project, known as ZUN-style.
While under the one banner, there exists many genres of touhou-style. Some examples include Touhou-Style Original Compositions, ZUN-style art, and Touhou fangames.
I made this site in order to introduce useful information about the various ZUN-styles from many different perspectives.
So how about trying to improve your understanding about what touhou-style is?

…is what I tried to say, but this site is currently in the works.
The plan is to release at least 1-2 articles per week.
Generally, I will be asking other creators to write various different articles for the site.
The amount of information on the site might be limiting at first but please be patient.
I wait for your comments or requests such as “I want this info” or “talk about this sound module more”.

Of course you may notice some of ZUN’s styles or features by yourself and not from this site.
Since this is a personally operated site, the information provided isn’t absolute.
So please do not use the information of this site as a means to pressure or deny those who are making their own fanworks in a specific way. Thank you for your cooperation.

So why did you establish this site?

Basically, I really loved the genre of touhou-style and I wanted more people to be aware of it.Or you could say increasing the amount of fans.

So What is Touhou-Style?

It’s basically where creators take and mimic the style of the Touhou Project, created by the Hakurei Shrine Head Priest ZUN.
Using the mediums of music, art, games, videos, various people research the style of ZUN and present their own worldview through the lens of Touhou.

Why isn't this site for only art etc?

There’s a reason why I didn’t restrict myself to “just art”.
For example, in game development, there’s various people working on the project. You have the artist, the musician, the scenario writer, the programmer etc.
(though there are some people who, like ZUN, do all of the roles by themselves…)

There might be developers who want your contribution.
Just maybe, you might have some kind of talent outside of what you normally do.
While it is important to specialise, I believe there’s nothing wrong with knowing more. Making a multi-genre site like this allows for more opportunities to be exposed to various different creator’s stories, which is why I made this site the way it is.
I also hope that this site would inspire those to draw or even compose.
I’m thinking that rather than writing an article and leaving it behind, I wish it leads to further developments down the line.

In the future, I hope I can like to get in contact with various content creators,and have them write articles.

While this was a long introduction, I am looking forward to seeing you all.

maceknight / translated by Oborochi